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SMART Promo Giving Away 50 Million Pesos in Daily, Monthly and Grand Draw

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SMART Communications (Philippines) is giving away over 50 Million Pesos.

Their new promo is called “BigTym Buddy Promo!” There are daily cash prizes of 500 thousand, monthly raffles of 1 million and the grand draw worth 5 million Pesos. This new promo starts today, Friday, September 11, 2009 and will run until December 9, 2009.

To register, send your name and address to 2332, e.g. JUAN TAMAD / 10 PASEO DE ROXAS, MAKATI. The registration also serves as an opt-in command to the promo alerts pushed to the subscriber at specific times in a day. These free announcements may include but not limited to winner information, registration reminder, profiling questions, promo tips as well as special messages. Special messages inform subscribers of instances to increase the number of raffle entries that they may receive by answering certain questions. Registration is a one-time process per SIM card and is free of charge. However, you may register the same name using several SIM cards / mobile numbers.

Next, you must text BIG to 2332 within the promo hours (12:01 AM to 11:59 PM). In return, you will receive a confirmation message. Each text message will cost you 15 Pesos. This entitles you to 15 raffle entries for the daily, monthly and grand draws and 15 free texts valid for 1 day only within the Smart/Talk N’ Text network only. You will also earn 15 points that you can later use to download content from the web. If you haven’t registered, you will be prompted to register. However, entries earned prior to registration will not be considered valid. Points earned prior to registration can however be used to redeem content.

You can only win once in the daily draw, but still remain eligible to win in the monthly and grand draws. Entries earned only by registered subscribers are eligible to win in the daily, monthly & grand draws. Purchases made prior to registration shall earn entries but will not be considered valid. Once a subscriber registers, previously earned entries since the promo started shall be considered valid.

For more information, visit or send BIGINFO to 2332 (2.50 Pesos per text).


Written by Raffy Pekson II

September 11, 2009 at 3:29 am

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