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The Positive Impact of Tourism in the Philippines

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I was surfing around and found someone named “bala” from the who quipped this question: “What good practices from a cultural perspective are being undertaken by organizations within the tourism and travel industry?”

One of the best answers I read from an “Anonymous” person read:

Gosh…. I’ve written a whole thesis on this issue before. But here it is in brief:

Positive impact:

  • Reasonable foreign currency income for the state;
  • Slight development of tourism infrastructure;
  • Marginal increase in employment levels in industries related to the travel sector: hospitality, travel agencies and tour operators, transportation, etc.;
  • Sustenance of domestic airlines, charters and to some extent, shipping, to some degree.
  • Better awareness in the Philippines of foreign cultures and traditions, needs of tourists etc.

Negative impact:

  • Sex tourism, with aged foreigners flocking to the country seeking young women as partners. Others come to indulge in pedophile activities;
  • Negligence of environmental considerations in some cases by both foreign nationals and Filipinos;
  • The government hurries to attract foreign tourists without the existence of a proper tourism infrastructure;
  • Due to the negative image of the Philippines as a corrupt nation, visitors believe they can escape justice easily by bribing law enforcement authorities.

There are many (other positive and negative) points but these would require at least a day to list and detail.

Photo credits to tpsdave via pixabay.



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