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How to Send 600 Filipino Street Children Back to School

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The summary writes, “We are building a life competence center that provides 600 street youth alternative learning, life skills, tutorial and income generation that bring them back to formal schooling.”

The project addresses poverty, illiteracy and the impact of exploitation on the lives of 600 street children in southern Philippines. The life competence center provides free alternative learning, tutorial and life skills that give them better chances of being transitioned to formal schooling. They also avail voluntary HIV and health screening while opportunities for entrepreneurial activities that make them earn and mobilise life savings to secure own future is afforded.

  • $10 – funds one street child/youth’s enrollment and daily subsistence for 1 month
  • $30 – funds one street child/youth’s drug and HIV screening and annual health check up for 1 year
  • $60 – support 5-30 Filipino street youth peer-group to open a lifetime group savings account
  • $90 – bring back 1 Filipino street child to school and a summer mentoring for 1 year



Written by Raffy Pekson II

March 9, 2010 at 3:13 pm

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