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Randell poked this message on his Facebook wall as a public post. I’ve been to two of Randell’s seminars and I think you ought to go to this one if you’re in town. Randell Tiongson is joined by prominent finance gurus Chinkee Tan and Cito Beltran in this unique half-day event. Randell talks about the financial roadmap to your future, Chinkee on getting out of debt, and Cito on guarding your financial future. Randell quips about this April 24 event:

What can P400.00 do for you nowadays? You can buy cell phone load, have Starbucks Coffee with your date, 2.5 meals at McDonalds, watch a movie with popcorn, buy a t-shirt on sale, buy a CD… or, attend a life-changing event that will finally put you in a path towards achieving Financial Peace.”

Call Jenny Ignacio in the Philippines at 0939-117-7856 or send an email to


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