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Arizona’s New Immigration Law Will Turn It Into a Ghost Town

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By CircleStone at

Gov. Jan Brewer signed into law tough measures targeting illegal immigrants. However, what’s starting to happen is the beginning of an exodus of people who brought cheap labor to budding entrepreneurs setting up businesses in the Grand Canyon State. Starting with the Hispanic community, many small business owners catering to this ethnic minority are already feeling the brunt of slumped sales and may consider shutting down within a few months if it continues. Streets that were bustling with people vehicles are now deserted.

Proponents say the law will temper the negative effects of the new immigration, such as crime and the misuse of taxpayer dollars to fund health care and education needs of illegal immigrants. Opponents, however, fear that the “reasonable suspicion” standard will create a climate of fear that condones racial profiling, akin to fascism and apartheid.

“This law punishes local business owners who make a living catering to a certain market,” one Hispanic Arizonian said. “They’ve done everything expected of them. So why are they the ones getting punished?”



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