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Will the Real @PCOSmachine Please Step Forward (Drum-roll)

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Screenshot from Yve's Facebook Photos

TJ Manotoc finally revealed the man behind @PCOSmachine, the Twitter account that provided us with wit and comic relief in the midst of post-electoral jitters during the 2010 Philippine elections where “PCOS” became a new Filipino byword that referred to the automated election machine, besides TIM and Smartmatic.

The 27 year old lists his Twitter description as iPhone/iPad developer, lawyer, founder and @PCOSmachine – what a combination!

The @PCOSmachine has 10,745 followers to-date with 195 tweets since inception (that part I still don’t know). His Facebook bio reads rather straightforwardly:

Lawyer- 2010
Congressman – 2016
Senator – 2022
Head of Corporate Legal Counsel- Apple Inc. 2028
Diplomat – 2035
Time-traveler – 2050

Fave music icons include Music includes Tiesto, Chicane, Way Out West, Moony, Sade, Sarah McLachlan, Craig David Official, Hed Kandi, Miguel Migs, Norah Jones, Paul Oakenfold, Puff Daddy, Robert Miles, Quentin Harris.

Oh! He recently celebrated his birthday last May 2. And he’s a BAR Top 10 finisher, too!

What’s his name? Yves Gonzalez a.k.a. DobleZeta.

Your turn at amateur investigative work 🙂


Written by Raffy Pekson II

May 12, 2010 at 5:41 am

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