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At 75, Linda Hoops, the wife of H. Ray Hoops, the former president of the University of Southern Indiana, is constantly on the go. Last month she led a session at a panel discussion of chefs on emerging trends in Colorado and she recently helped arrange for an internship for a Philippine student to work at Zuki restaurant in Evansville.

When Hoops saw a successful program in her native Philippines, she felt compelled to find a way for the same program to make a difference in Evansville. The program was the brainchild of childhood friends in Manila. Lulu Trinidad-Ocampo adapted a technique of weaving folded newspaper sheets into bags and wallets. She realized the skill could be a source of livelihood for those in need and developed it into the “Bags for Life” program.

Hoops learned of the program on one of her yearly visits to the Philippines. She brought back a suitcase full of the bags to sell and use for not-for-profit auctions here. But she believes it could become a cottage industry here as well.

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  1. We have just teamed up with Charity Factors and the is now up and running. Charities and causes can be posted complete with pictures. Then you can ask friends, relatives, associates all over the world to donate through paypal or even GCash. The money goes directly to your paypal or GCash account. Those who have causes they want to help can log in, fill up the profile and the amount they want to raise. We know of many Filipinos willing to help, but have no ways and means to send in little amounts. The site will accept $5, $10 donations.

    This site is for worthy causes. We try to scan and verify the identity of those asking for donations. Real name of the representative and the government registration of the organization has to be filled up in the profile page. All items posted at will be automatically reposted to the international site to reach a larger audience.



    August 11, 2011 at 6:44 am

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