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Branding Yourself for 2012 is a Must

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Randell Tiongson, Director of the Registered Financial Planner Institute Philippines, columnist of renowned broadsheets, 2011 Outstanding Alumni of the University of Santo Tomas, and a host of other distinctions, is conducting a half-day seminar entitled “Personal Branding for Finance Practitioners.” He writes in his blog:

“This interactive, engaging and practical seminar will help you understand, create and send out the unique brand that is YOU. Today’s business world is fast paced and so are the decisions and judgments we are making. There are more than a lot of business men and women, financial advisors, entrepreneurs both young and experienced bringing the same products, skills and services to your field in the industry. But why do some people still stand out above the rest? Best bet is that these people, consciously or not, have their own unique personal brand.”

I have attended a few of Randell’s seminars and have always been both entertained and educated by the simplicity of his presentations in a topic that normally generates, in Randell’s words, “nosebleed!”

Take a ganter into his upcoming seminar. It’s guaranteed to make a difference in you.

Source: Randell Tionson’s Blog

Image from Randell Tiongson’s Blog



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