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Star World Philippines Launches American Idol Season 13

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American Idol Season 13 judges.

Prive Luxury Club in the heart of Bonifacio Global City speaks well of a venue to launch the thirteenth season American Idol, America’s top reality-singing competition that began airing on Fox on June 11, 2002 and is now one of the most successful shows in American television history.

Egad! Has it been more than 11 years since I first watched Kelly Clarkson win the first season?

Prive Luxury Club hosts Star World’s telecast of the American Idol Season 13.

Of course, my favorite seasons were that of Carrie Underwood winning the Idol contest and Filipino-Mexican-American Jessica Sanchez where I used my VoIP service to call their toll free numbers to vote. The best scene was when judges Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler used their “Save” option to make Jessica stay on through the contest after she received the fewest votes during one of the “top week” episode.

The worst episode was Season 12. Nicki Minaj was just too darn irritating and Mariah Carey being one of the most aloof judges I’ve ever encountered in American Idol. It was a good thing the boys (Randy Jackson and Keith Urban) were there. Otherwise, the season would have totally flopped. Well, IMHO. No apologies necessary.

Season 13 brings back my favorite judge and international pop diva Jennifer Lopez with previous season mainstay, country singer, songwriter, guitarist and multi-awarded Keith Urban. And the third judge is newcomer Harry Connick, Jr. Harry who? LOL! That’s exactly what the auditioners of the first episode were all asking behind the scenes. Connick actually has seven top-20 albums and ten number-1 jazz albums to his credit. Yes, he’s actually popular.

Unlimited vodka and Stella Artois beer by the Star World candlelight.

So far, Connick has been the comedian of the trio-judge, even portraying funny bromance scenes with Urban during the first few episodes of Season 13. I can’t remember if it was the first or second season that Connick even carried an Indian-looking auditioner who idolized him. “At last! Somebody who knows me!”

I still miss the original judging tandem of Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson, especially the cat fights of Abdul and Cowell. Those eight season were always a riot to watch. Still, Season 13’s judges are better than Season 12.

Star World in the Philippines held its launch event of the American Idol Season 13 to the online and offline media people at Prive last January 16, 2014. Though American Idol’s first telecast actually started at 6:00 PM in the Philippines, the showing of the first episode during the launch event began at its encore telecast at 8:00 PM while cocktails were being served to the media people in attendance.

The media people who attended the event were all privileged to receive a goody-bag consisting of a Devant Android tablet plus other items. It was even awesome that Star World provided us with an American Idol branded case for the tablet with the logos of American Idol, Star World and Fox International Channels all around the cover. Nice!

PB Network media (L-R): me, Ron of, Ian of, Az of, and Myrns of


Star World Philippines gave away a Devant Android tablet to each media person.


Star World by the candlelight.


Egad! I forgot who hosted the event.


Media people huddle and network with each other.


Elevated view of Prive Luxury Club.


DJ mixes while waiting for the encore telecast of the American Idol Season 13.

Star World has been the home of the American Idol reality-singing show in Asia since it first aired in 2002, being able to bring the world’s most popular reality-singing competition to the homes of millions of viewers in the Asian region.

You can also watch the first episode of the American Idol Season 13 here via YouTube.

Photos by @raffypekson, @starworld_ph



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