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Dole Pineapples and Lots’ A Pizza Makes Filipino Pizza Heaven

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Did you know that Lots’ a Pizza in 1987? I can only remember having this brand of pizza with the unique Filipino taste, more on the sweet side, every time I went to visit my cousins on the weekends at Moonwalk Village in Paranaque City. Of course, pizza goes well with two-liter soda bottles and that’s the way it was always being served.

Dole recently hosted a meet-up with media and the Lots’a Pizza management team to introduce new variants to their classic flavors. I’m talking about Manhattan Deluxe, Hawaiian Extreme, and Pure Beef Supreme, just a wee bit more pricy but targeted for those looking for something extra or special in their pizza. And what’s not to miss on mentioning their bestsellers – Great Manhattan, Hawaiian Delight, Pure Beef Special, Pepperoni n Mushroom, and Hotdog Festival. Yes, pizza with Purefoods hotdogs on it. Plus its classic offerings of Double Whammy, Roast Beef n’ Cheese, Bacon Blaze, Hungarian Fiesta, and Garden Harvest.

And because Lots’a Pizza uses Dole pineapples on their pizza, they even have their own private labeled can of pineapple chunks specially packaged by Dole itself.

I salute Lots’a Pizza because they stood up to their name: lots of pizza! Egad! The media people were turning down pizza boxes upon pizza boxes of par-baked (that’s partially baked in Lots’a Pizza lingo) and freshly heated up pizzas that just kept on being served. I myself gave up on the fourth slice; if I accepted all their servings, I would have eaten about 15 slices… or more! As my mom would always tell me, it’s better to over-serve your guests than leave asking for more. Definitely the Filipino way of serving food – always too much!

NOTE: Unfortunately, is currently unavailable. There is, however, their Facebook Page at You can find information about its history, VMV, franchising information, contact information, frequently asked questions, a very long list of outlets with delivery service and the telephone number, etc.

Lots’a Pizza Franchise System Inc. is located at no. 28 Capricorn St., Pamplona Park, Las Pinas City, with telephone numbers (02) 873-8435 or (0917) 882-9553. They also have a separate “Franchise Hotline” (02) 872-0702 or (0917) 882-9551.

Image poster from Lots’a Pizza | Photos by @raffypekson



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