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Veems is a Must-Try Photo Sharing App for Selfie-Loving Filipinos

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A group selfie of Philippine Bloggers Network. Look at the big smiles as they attempt to fit in the picture!

In a research released by Time Magazine, Makati City is the “selfie capital” of the Philippines and the world. According to the magazine, “there are 258 selfie-takers for every 100,000 people.” We even beat Manhattan, New York, which ranked number 2 (they have 202 selfie-takers per 100,000 people). With these numbers, it’s hard to deny that Filipinos love selfies. If another study is conducted, I’m pretty sure that the Philippines is going to be the monopod capital of the world.

Filipinos are NUTTY over photo-sharing!

People attempt to explain why Filipinos love their smartphone’s front camera so much. Most would say that it’s because they are very social people. Despite the individualistic impression of the world “selfie”, most selfies are actually done with a group of friends, colleagues, or family members. Huddling together and trying to fit everyone in the picture is a great bonding moment. (I can hear Paul Anka sing “Times of Your Life” in my head now.)

Did you know that Filipinos are the TOP photo uploaders in the world?

When the photo-sharing app Veems was released in the (online) Apple Store last October, a lot of Filipinos immediately downloaded the app. Out of the 110,000 registered users, it is estimated that fifty percent are from the Philippines. Approximately out of ten photos that a user uploads, seven of them are selfies.

A New Way of Taking Selfies

So, what is Veems? It is a unique photo sharing app with a twist: snap a picture and instantly record 4 seconds of sound – your own voice or other. That means that besides uploading a good ol’ selfie image, you can add your personal voice. You can greet everyone “good morning”, say something inspiring, or add context to warrant the selfie.

While Veems seem to support a new trend of selfie, it can also be used to take photos of your recent adventures. Imagine taking a photo of a sunset at the beach along with the sound of the waves. Capturing both the image and the sound allows the moment to come alive on your phone.

Veems is now available on Android!

Since its launch Veems is only available on iOS. But Android users can join in the fun too. Veems is available for download on Android starting this week.

With most of the Filipino smartphone population are using Android, (I just recently switched to Android myself), I expect that more and more selfies will be uploaded in Veems.

Do you think adding a voice along with your selfie is a cool idea?


Research source: Time Magazine.

Photo by Ian Bacungan of The Rogue Writer, of the Philippine Bloggers Network.



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