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1 Million Students Use Quipper e-Learning for the K-12 Program

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The Philippines is actually the last country in Asia and one of the last three countries in the world implementing the old 10-year pre-university program. With this in mind, it is high-time the country institute the K-12 program which covers 13 years of basic education in the following key stages – Kindergarten to Grade 3, Grades 4 to 6, Grades 7 to 10 (which is called Junior High School) and Grades 11 to 12 (called Senior High School). The Kindergarten stage began in 2011 while the enhanced curriculum for Grade 1 to 7 started in 2012; officially, the K-12 program was enacted in 2013.

Today, the Philippines is on the fifth year of the implementation of the K-12 Program. The last mile is the Senior High School. All 221 divisions of the Department of Education (DepEd) have finished planning and have figures on enrolment a year in advance. The increase in the number of years for pre-university requirements means the College General Education curriculum will have fewer units. Subjects that have been taken up in the K-12 Basic Education will be removed from the College General Education curriculum.

But where does online education or e-learning come into the picture for the K-12 program? This is where helps both the teacher and his or her students.

Quipper helps teachers manage classes, send assignments to their students and get analytics on the performance of their students.

Quipper helps students build their knowledge through ‘mastery’ of topics, modules and courses, earning rewards and having fun as they go.

Quipper allows teachers to simply and painlessly publish their own educational content for their schools or classes.

In short, Quipper empowers both teachers and students by supplementing traditional methods with a platform that’s powerful and exciting, but simple too. It aims to use technology to improve the quality of education by creating the best teaching and learning experience by creating a world where everyone has easy access to quality education and is thus empowered to create a better future.

Quipper is Free

Quipper is a free e-learning platform for teachers and students with ready-made lessons and quizzes. There are also online video lessons and assessments for students to learn anytime anywhere. The online class platform for teachers and students is where lessons are interactive and real-time.

Quipper was founded in London U.K. by Masayuki Watanabe and began operations in Japan in 2013. The following year, Quipper started in the Philippines and launched its flagship product “Quipper School” mid-2014. Indonesia and Mexico were the next countries that started using Quipper. In April of 2015, Recruit Holdings bought Quipper; afterwhich, Quipper Video and Quipper Live were launched.

What is Quipper School?

Quipper School is a free e-learning platform that helps teachers manage multiple classes and assess each student’s individual performance. For the students, Quipper School allows them to go through a series of Q&A’s until they fully understand and master the topic at hand while doing it in a fun way.

There are ready-made materials for teachers created by local subject matter experts aligned with the K-12 curriculum. As mentioned, all lessons come with built-in assessments. But teachers can also create their own content, create assessments and share these with other teachers. They can create assignments and exams by selecting topics from ready-made content, including schedules and timelines for these assignments and exams.

Teachers get to see their students’ scores, strengths and weaknesses in real-time through its various analytics reports that can be downloaded as an Excel file format.

A dashboard is part of Quipper School which allows teachers to manage multiple classes and groups of students. With this, they can broadcast announcements to everyone, particular groups or individual students.

Students, on the other hand, get real-time feedback in the Quipper School quizzes and exams, knowing if their answer is correct or otherwise. They can try answering the questions, especially the incorrect ones, over and over again until they fully comprehend and master the topic at hand. But what makes Quipper School interesting is it is “gamified.” Quipper’s gamified learning system allows the students to earn points or coins to encourage them to study more and answer correctly.

Today, there are a little less than 1 million students registered and using Quipper in the Philippines, with about 200,000 actively learning using Quipper School every month. Majority of these students are enrolled in public high schools, mostly from the National Capital Region (NCR) – 95% are from public schools, 74% from high school, and 68% from NCR. There are 6,000 teachers logged into the Quipper School program with more than half of them creating assignments and exams. As of September 2015, 270 schools are already using Quipper School.

The Quipper K-12 content is fully aligned with the Department of Education (DepEd) K-12 curriculum consisting of six subjects – English, Math, Science, Filipino, Araling Panlipunan and ICT – for Grades 4 to 10. There are already 2,112 lessons in Quipper School with 28,620 questions including NAT and Assessment content. All the materials or content inside Quipper have been developed locally and are vetted by DepEd School Division subject matter experts.

For Grades 11 and 12, also known as Senior High School, content is under development that includes oral communication, reading and writing, 21st century literature from the Philippines and the world, Komunikasyon at Pananaliksik sa Wika at Kulturang Filipino, Pagbasa at Pagsusuri ng Iba’t Ibang Teksto Tungo sa Pananaliksik, general mathematics, statistics and probability, Earth and Life Science, and Understanding Culture, Society, and Politics. The educational division of Quezon City is also using Quipper to develop a “Work Ethics” content.

Quipper Video and Quipper Live are premium services. The former is scheduled to be launched in April this year that will initially be available to Senior High School students for math, English, science and Filipino subjects. Quipper Video will allow unlimited access to hundreds of hours of video lectures by the best teachers in the country.

Quipper Live, on the other hand, is conducting trials today for Grades 6 to 10 in math and science subjects. Live is a channel where real-time, online lectures are conducted by trained teachers.

Quipper was researched and studied through the leadership of Dr. Ferdinand Pitagan of the University of the Philippines, comparing traditional teaching methods (no Quipper School), multiple regression or intermittent use of Quipper School, and an experimental group where constant exposure to Quipper School was implemented. With the criteria of quizzes, submission of assignments, exams and attendance rates used, classes exposed to Quipper School showed better results in all four criteria.

Dr. Ferdinand Pitagan summarized, “Both the pilot and NCR findings suggest that students with constant or intermittent exposure to Quipper School are more likely to foster higher mean-score scores and higher passing rate in tests, and higher attendance rate.

“Although there is lack of facilities and access to technology, students, teachers and principals involved were all convinced that Quipper School is a very helpful tool for teaching and learning. They are also very satisfied of the features of the Quipper School platform.”

The office of Quipper in the Philippines is located at the 23rd floor of GT Tower, Ayala Avenue and H.V. dela Costa Street, Makati City. Visit their website via or e-mail them at

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