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The Best Eats in Life are Free with SEATS

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The Seats App, together with Globe Prepaid, recently partnered Earth Kitchen restaurant - 1

The best things in life are free,
But you can give them to the birds and bees.

LOL! I remember the Flying Lizards electronic pop song’s first few stanzas, which makes you realize how ‘80s I can get. But this article isn’t about music, lyrics and songs. This is about a foodie app.

Yep! I’m here to talk to you about the SEATS App, the restaurant reservations app that’s going to kickstart your holiday season of no cooking at home and just purely binging out, eating out to your heart’s delight; and Earth Kitchen, a new restaurant with a new moniker: farm-to-table restaurant. If you’ve got Uber, Grab, AirBnB, GCash, HotelQuickly and the rest of ‘em service-oriented apps that make life easier for the digital Filipino, then there’s got to be one for dining out, too.

Worldwide, online booking has been the preferred way of making restaurants reservations. Without the need for a phone call or waiting for your calls to be answered, it is the easiest and most convenient way of finding and making restaurant reservations.

The Seats App was created by a group of young professionals passionate about technology and food. The Seats App is a service that ties these two together. Its aim is to provide better customer experience by connecting restaurants with their guests. In turn, the Seats App provides restaurants with the right tools so they can manage reservations more efficiently, improve in-house productivity and provide restaurant customers with better service.

The Seats App takes away the hassle that comes with trying to get a table at restaurants. The Seats App provides free and instant bookings at your favorite places.

The Seats App recently partnered with another dining institution – Earth Kitchen. With the Seats App, sure-seat reservation is now guaranteed at BGC’s farm-to-table restaurant.

The Seats App, together with Globe Prepaid, recently partnered Earth Kitchen restaurant - 2

Earth Kitchen is a restaurant dedicated to support local farmers and indigenous communities around the Philippines. Its dishes are specifically crafted to showcase the produce of the Got Heart Farms in Tarlac and its partner communities from Luzon to Mindanao. Earth Kitchen is a partnership project of Got Heart Foundation and Hizon’s Catering. Today, the Got Heart Shops and Earth Kitchen now have more than 100 community partners.

The Seats App, together with Globe Prepaid, recently partnered Earth Kitchen restaurant - 3

Use your Globe Postpaid Plan with the Seats App because you are sure to discover more great finds to match your lifestyle, with much ease, speed, and freedom; nothing beats getting the best seat in the house.

With Globe Postpaid, you can create your plan by choosing one that lets you live the way you want. You can keep your budget on track with myStarter Plan and getting it for as low as P300 per month. You can roll over your data with myLifestyle Plan. You can stay connected with 6 GB shared data plus unlimited calls and texts for 3 lines and 3 devices for only P999 per month with myShare Plan. You can experience longer browsing time plus non-stop calls and texts to family and friends without any lock-up.

To apply for a Globe Postpaid Plan, visit For information, go to

Sources: Press release from Globe Telecom | Seats | Earth Kitchen | Globe Prepaid

Photo from sources.



Written by Raffy Pekson II

October 12, 2016 at 2:31 pm

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