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Kata F2 is the Best Buy Smartphone Ever

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It has been a while since I have been a Kata smartphone user. It started when I bought the Kata M1 more than a year ago. By then, I’ve marveled at this smartphone not only because of the specs but the price range is defnintely worth what you buy.

Then, I got the Kata F2. Small marvel but a whooping benefit because it is worth what you buy. Basic specifications are its 1,850 mAh battery with a 1.3 GHz quad core processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB internal storage, Edge/2G, 3G and 4G connectivity, 8-megapixels rear camera and 5-megapixels front camera. That basically good enough for me because I use it more for business than anything else.

I’ve got the usual Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and Instagram in it. For voice over the internet or VoIP, I have Skype and Viber loaded. Because I joined the group of broadcasters for a new instant messaging or IM app called Veems, I also have that so I can IM my 900 followers anytime. GrabTaxi and Uber are also loaded up for my convenience in commuting. Being a Globe prepaid subscriber, I have my GCash app, too, loaded on my smartphone. Even my 7-Eleven app to coincide with the rewards card I have is also part of my daily app routine.

The preloaded requirements when I got the Kata F2 are GMail, Evernote and Airdroid, and a host of other apps that I sometimes use. GMail, of course, is my choice of e-mail client where I manage about five accounts in it and also syncs my contact list between GMail and the Kata F2. Just DO NOT download ALL your e-mails because you’ll easily run out of space. Evernote is my go between my laptop and the Kata F2. I find Evernote much easier to switch and copy than the usual cloud-based drives. And Airdroid? It’s my app of choice when moving photos between my Kata F2 and other Android-based smartphones or my laptop. Cool, huh?

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I stopped bringing my pocket WiFi and just relied on the Kata F2 as my WiFi device for my other gadgets – my Kata M1, iPad 3 and Asus laptop. To make sure I have power all the time, I always bring my 10,400 mAh battery pack and the Kata F2 electrical charger (the latter is just in case I come across an open outlet in my favorite cafe).

Power consumption is used up a lot when connecting to the Internet using mobile data – what smartphone doesn’t do that nowadays. I turned off my WiFi access and turned on mobile data for a day, and started using my favorite social media sites, and it took about 6-8 hours before I hit the bottom in battery life.

In the Philippines, the Kata F2 went on sale to the public early June this year and is priced at P3,999. It is available at most Kata Kiosks, Kata outlets, and The list of Kata Kiosks from their Facebook Page can be found at my previous blog – CLICK HERE.

Photos by @raffypekson.