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A Travel Insurance Every Filipino Can Afford

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When you travel to away from your home, whether it is to the next province, the next island or a foreign destination, it is imperative that your loved ones are financially protected in case something happens to you – accident or otherwise. Even if about 66 percent of Filipinos are mindful of having insurance coverage, half of that actually have insurance coverage, regardless of amount or type. What about the others?

The Philippine Constitution has a section that specifically tells every Filipino that they need to insure themselves for the intereest of their spouse and their children. Section 10 of the Insurance Code of the Philippines defines “insurable interest” as “Every person has an insurable interest in the life and health: of himself, of his spouse and of his children; of any person on whom he depends wholly or in part for education or support, or in whom he has a pecuniary interest; of any person under a legal obligation to him for the payment of money, or respecting property or services, of which death or illness might delay or prevent the performance; and of any person upon whose life any estate or interest vested in him depends.”

Simply said, every Filipino must have a self-interest to protect his family from loss of family income because of an accident or death.

However, not many Filipinos can afford to buy insurance lumped over the course of a decade or more with huge contracted payments. The Philippine national statistics shows that the average family income is less than P20,000 a month for a household of more than 4 family members, and after deducting basic needs expenditure, the actual average savings per family is a paltry P3,500 a month.

I think the introduction of the Pioneer Insurance Travel Buddy is timely given that more than 50 percent of the population are employed or underemployed, and many of them take local and foreign trips from time and time again.

For only P100, you can be insured for P100,000 during 30 days.

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) can now insure themselves while traveling to their employment destination, on top of what other insurance they have that kicks in but only if they are in the country of their employment.

Filipinos traveling to other countries for a short stay like a vacation know that if they meet an accident, they have P100,000 in accident insurance from Pioneer Insurance to depend on.

Backpackers and budget travelers locally traversing the wonders of the Philippines can be protected in month they are enjoying the sights and sounds of the country.

And P100 is not even 1% of the insurance that can be claimed by you or your beneficiaries should you meet an accident or untimely death.

The benefits of getting the Travel Buddy by Pioneer Insurance are:

  • Loss of life (Php 100,000)
  • Disablement of both hands or both feet or sight of both eyes (Php 100,000)
  • Disablement of one hand and one foot or either hand or foot or sight of one eye (Php 100,000)
  • Disablement of one hand or one foot or sight of one eye (Php 50,000)

The Travel Buddy by Pioneer Insurance is solely available online. To know more about the Travel Buddy, click or visit

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