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Ayala Museum Offers Family Membership Deal

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The Ayala Museum

Membership card entitles you to unlimited free admission for you, your spouse and kids below 18 years old to all exhibitions, invitations to members-only sale held every June and October, invitation to two museum exhibit openings, 10 percent cash discount at the Museum Shop, 20 to 50 percent on all programs, lectures, workshops, symposia and other activities, and 10 percent cash discount or 5 percent credit card discount at the M Cafe.

Ayala Museum is the art and history museum located at the corner of Makati Avenue and De la Rosa Street in Makati City, Metro Manila, the Philippines. It is considered one of the most important private institutions of Philippine art and culture.

Envisioned in the 1950s by Filipino abstract painter Fernando Zobel, the Ayala Museum was established in 1967 under the auspices of Ayala Foundation, Inc. It began as a museum of Philippine history and iconography, and transformed itself into a museum of fine arts and history as the 20th century drew to a close.

It also has the M Café, a gathering spot for souls passionate about art and culture, as well as sophisticated fusion food that features modern interpretations of traditional Asian food.

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Cory was RP’s gift to the world

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Corazon C. Aquino will go down in history as one of the best presidents the Philippines ever had, businessman Joey de Venecia III said yesterday.

“She is more than just an icon of democracy as everyone calls her, she was the country’s gift to the world,” de Venecia said.

The widow of the late Senator Benigno ‘Ninoy’ Aquino Jr. was the inspiration of the Edsa Revolution of 1986 which restored the country’s democratic processes. Also known as the People Power revolution, the event inspired the peoples of numerous countries to peacefully remove unpopular leaders in the decades that followed.

“President Aquino’s commitment to democracy was absolute,” de Venecia said, “Because of her, the Filipino people will never again allow anyone to deprive them of their freedoms, their rights, and their civil liberties.”

The ZTE-NBN whistleblower said his own willingness to fight against insurmountable odds would not have been possible without the previous battle that Cory Aquino fought and won in 1986.

“The ‘impossible dream’ that Cory dared dream, and Ninoy before her, taught us a lesson we must never forget,” according to de Venecia. “All of us must be willing to march into hell if need be for a heavenly cause,” he added, borrowing the words of a song that was a favorite of Cory and Ninoy Aquino.

The son and namesake of former Speaker Jose de Venecia Jr. said the late president was a personal friend of their family. “My thoughts and prayers are with the Aquino family at this most difficult time.”

He called on the government to work with the Aquino family in insuring a fitting farewell for the former president. De Venecia said political rivalries must be set aside during the one week period of national mourning announced by Malacanang. He also asked the public to unite in giving everyone’s “Tita Cory” the proper exit that she so richly deserves.

“I guess we can all take comfort in the fact that she is now reunited with her beloved Ninoy,” de Venecia said.

Written by Raffy Pekson II

August 12, 2009 at 9:27 am