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Sorsogon Declares American Travel Blogger Persona Non Grata

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Was it miscommunication or a political move by the Provincial Board of Sorsogon? Because according to news reports from Sorsogon, American travel blogger Nathan Allen made derogatory remarks against the Donsol Tourism Office on this April blog post entitled “I Dreamed of This.”

Sometimes, work really becomes personal and emotional. Should it be so? Shouldn’t we separate work from personal matters? Was pride and ego part of this paltry issue? But who’s pride and ego was hurt, anyway?

It’s more fun in the Philippines… NOT!

According to CNN Philippines’ report, Allen went to Donsol as an ordinary tourist, not an invited guest of the municipality. Hence, he has no right to criticize the tourism officials when Allen did not receive the attention he expected.

“He (Allen) said that he only expressed his disappointment over the matter and clarifies that never did he expect a special treatment nor was he angry for not getting it as he perfectly understood that his visit was unexpected.”

However, in the resolution filed by Board Member Franco Ravanilla declaring Allen as persona non grata, “Allen should have supplied himself first with information of the place he intended to visit, citing that most information are readily accessible online.”

Allen is actually doing the Philippines a lot of good by exposing, promoting, marketing and selling its tourism destinations. Geez!

Before the persona non grata resolution was filed, CNN Philippines reported that “the Bicol office of the Department of Tourism Bicol, through Regional Director Maria Ong-Ravanilla, demanded an apology from Allen, pointing out that Donsol Tourism Office is not managed by the Department of Tourism (DOT) Bicol.”

“But Allen was surprised that despite his apology and all his clarifications, Maria Ravanilla’s son, Sorsogon Board Member Franco Ravanilla, still filed the resolution declaring Allen persona non grata in Sorsogon.”

Read the entire story at CNN Philippines and make up your own mind as to WHO IS RIGHT and WHO IS WRONG.

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Professional Bloggers Taking it to the Next Level

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Below is an excerpt from about the announcement and press release communication piece of the Philippine Bloggers Network.

Manila, Philippines. June 7, 2014.  The Internet and mobile landscape is developing in such a rapid pace, it’s like melted mercury that is absorbed in every country in the planet. In this digital age, internet and social media users increase in number every second, thus making online publishing and digital marketing a very effective communication tool for an individual, company and organization. The publicity is immediate, viral, and the reach is unlimited.

Online publishers and bloggers have been cropping up over the past decade, and many of them are presently great influencers or endorsers of products and brands. These top bloggers have a great following, boasting of a worldwide audience.

The Birth of Philippine Bloggers Network #PBNet

A group of fifteen (15) Filipino online publishers came together as one force to form Philippine Bloggers Network (“PBNet”), an organization that aims to professionalize the blogging industry. Taking blogs or online publishing to the next level, PBNet is a solid mass marketing group to any business and clientele, who are seeking premium and professional online communication services.

Read the entire announcement at

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