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South Korea Gives Philippines 1,200-ton Coastal Defense Vessel

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South Korea is the latest military benefactor to the Philippine Navy in modernizing the latter’s antiquated fleet especially against China, the bully of Southeast Asia. Korea is donating a 1,200-ton coastal defense vessel or Corvette soon. The United States already donated two coast guard cutters while Japan is in the process of donating 10 new patrol boats.

All these are showing China that the countries friendly to the Philippines will help the latter defend itself against the ongoing aggression China has shown in relation to its intent to take over a disputed area that involves other Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam.

The Philippines already signed a deal with South Korea over the purchase of 12 Korean fighter aircrafts (FA-50s). In addition, there is a plan to buy close air support aircrafts or planes that protect soldiers on the ground.

Read more at The Wall Street Journal Blogs.

Photo from Defense Industry Daily.


Three Filipinos Graduate from U.S. Military Academies

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Philippine Air Force 2nd Lieutenant Theodore B. Quijano made headlines when he graduated the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) in Colorado with honors last May. He is a recipient of numerous academic awards. He was also awarded for his outstanding athletic performance while in the academy including the Athletic Director’s List and German Athletic Proficiency Badge for Outstanding Athletic Performance.

Philippine Army Second Lieutenant Floren P. Herrera also graduated with honors from the US Military Academy at West Point, New York in May. He is a recipient of both scholastic and military awards including Distinguished Cadet (Starman), Superintendent’s Award, “Top Gun” of the Department of Mathematical Sciences, The Army Physical Fitness Badge, and First Runner-Up Brigade Boxing Open 2011.

Philippine Navy Ensign Chinna Louise E. Salio graduated from the US Naval Academy in Annapolis last May after four years of rigorous training and exemplary performance in academics.

Source: Philippine Information Agency

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