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How To Check Your Plate Number By Text Messaging

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If by chance you are told by a police (in a checkpoint) that your car plates have been tampered with or are stolen – and you know they’re not – here’s a way to check it by way of “text messaging” and show them proof (or something like that.)

Write a text message as:

LTO<space>VEHICLE space>XXX999

…where XXX999 is your plate number, i.e. LTO VEHICLE PAM224

Send this text-message to 2600 and wait for reply message. The reply should be inform you of the following:

Car Plate:
Date of Last Registered:
LTO Apprehension, if any:
LTO Alarm, if any:

This SMS service is also userful for car buyers. The usual fee of 2.50 Pesos is charged to the sender for every text message sent.

Here are the other (command line) messages you can SEND to 2600:

  • LTO MV – for miscellaneous motor vehicle transactions
  • LTO DL – for driver’s license and other permit transactions
  • LTO HELP – for a menu of LTO’s services

Source: E-mail blast from Tribu Verde Group

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