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Introducing the Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Technology for a Healthy Home

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The Plasmacluster Ion technology is an original Sharp sanitizing technology that purifies the air by emitting positive and negative ions. Applying a plasma discharge to the moisture and oxygen in the air generates these two opposite ions. The Plasmacluster Ion technology deactivates suspended airborne mold, viruses, dust mite allergens and bacteria. The layer of water molecules that form around each ion ensures that they are long-living. As of December 2008, the number of Plasmacluster generating devices has reached 50 million.

Note: Although it does all of the above, the Plasmacluster Ion technology does not create a sterile state and thus provides no guaranteed protection against infection. The actual antibacterial and purification effects vary depending on the conditions in the room and how the product is used.

In 1998, then Sharp researcher Kazuo Nishikawa was investigating the technology of air purification at the time. He realized that the methods being used had reached the limits of their effectiveness. Thus, he began to study air purification techniques with the intention of making indoor air safer to breathe, especially for children.

Nishikawa and his team tried a few options but found a lot of them lacking the intended results. After trying more, they finally developed the Plasmacluster Ion Technology or PCI technology. The way it works, stated in the press release of Ardent Communications, is that it suppresses the effects of airborne viruses, bacteria, microbes, allergens, and other threats. When the ions come in contact with the airborne threats in the air, chemical reactions happen on their surfaces to form OH radicals. The purpose of these OH radicals is to decompose the proteins on the surface membrane of the airborne threats by taking the hydrogen. Without protein, the airborne threats are disabled and in effect, deactivated. The hydrogen then combines with OH radicals, and together they transform into water which is released into the air.

Today, Nishikawa is Team Chief for Health and Environmental Systems, Air Purification Division.

In the meantime, researchers from the University of Tokyo Hospital have found that respiratory symptoms are significantly reduced for children with atopic asthma, including lessening the respiratory tract inflammation in patients with infantile atopic-type asthma.

Did you know that the ratio of people suffering from asthma in the Philippines is one out of ten? That’s almost 11 million asthma sufferers in the country! From dust, dust mite allergens, mold and other airborne allergens, the Plasmacluster Ion technology helps suppress all these.

Now, there’s a breath of fresh, clean air using the Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier UV+ because generic air purifiers cannot completely eliminate airborne viruses and bacteria, asthma-inducing allergens, and mosquitoes. Worse, some really just provide a false sense of security. Powered by the PCI technology of Sharp, this air purifier deactivates up to 99 percent of airborne allergens, viruses and bacteria while reducing unwanted odors. The Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier UV+ is also equipped with a True HEPA Filter, which can capture 99.97 percent of particles as tiny as 0.03 microns such as smoke particles, dust, pet dander, and pollen. What’s more important for a tropical country such as the Philippines, this air purifier has a 5-step mosquito-catching mechanism, something everyone in the country truly needs.

Talking about dust mites, I remember buying a very expensive water-based vacuum cleaner that also markets itself as a dust mite eliminator. These microscopic insects have a lifespan of two to three months. They live, eat, breed and die on your bedsheets and pillows, carpets and upholstery, and especially in and on your bed mattress! I just learned that vacuuming doesn’t really remove these insects from fabric surfaces, where they live, eat, breed, and die. Their remains and excrement, resulting from eating your dead skin cells, are known allergens, which can cause itchiness, rashes, and respiratory symptoms in people with asthma and dust mite allergies.

Enter the Sharp Plasmacluster Mite Catcher, the real dust mite eliminator. This wonder machine releases up to 60°C heat to weaken the hold of dust mites on the fibers of your beddings while sanitizing the mattress and reducing bad odor. Because this device uses the PCI technology, you reap all its benefits for a healthy home environment, particularly irritating dust mites.

Photo above shows (from left to right) Mr. Satoshi Chujo, Vice President for Marketing and Sales Operations, Mr. Takahiro Tanaka, President and General Manager, and Mr. Emmanuel Valencia, Senior Vice President for Sales – Sharp Philippines Corporation.

The Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier UV+ and Sharp Plasmacluster Mite Catcher will be available at Anson’s, Abenson, and SM Appliance Centers in the Greater Manila Area starting November 2015.

For more information about Plasmacluster Ion Technology, and other products of Sharp Philippines Corporation, visit or follow them on and

Source: Press release from Ardent Communications.

Photos from Ardent Comm | Sharp