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28 Percent of US Immigrants Come from Asia

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In operation until 1954, the immigration station processed over 12 million immigrant steamship passengers.

The Migration Policy Institute (MPI) reports that 28 percent of all immigrants in the United States – about 11 million – hail from Asia. Asians are the second largest immigrant group after Latinos, with nearly half coming from the Philippines, India and China and residing in California, New York and Texas.

Asian immigrants are perceived as “model minorities” who work hard, do well, and don’t complain. In the American imagination, they do not seem to share the challenges faced by other immigrant groups.

Nearly half of Asian immigrant adults have a college degree or higher. Among all immigrants, Asians are more concentrated in management, information technology, and science and engineering. A majority of immigrant doctors and nurses are from Asia.

MPI estimates that Asian immigrants accounted for 11 percent of all unauthorized immigrants in 2010. The Department of Homeland Security counts among the undocumented 280,000 Filipinos, 200,000 Indians, 170,000 Koreans and 130,000 Chinese.

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99 Pesos a Day for Unlimited Calls to the US and Canada

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Globe recently introduced its newest mobile phone service offer – SuperIDD which gives Globe Handyphone prepaid and postpaid subscribers unlimited calls to the continental US and Canada at 99 Pesos per day or 1,999 Pesos in a month.

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Unlimited calls can be done daily during the hours of 11:00pm up to 5:59am Philippine time zone (GMT+8:00). That’s 8:00am – 2:59pm in the westcoast (Pacific Standard Time or PST) for British Columbia, Washington and California residents.

This service is only available while in the Philippines and will not work if you are roaming outside the country.

If you call outside the allowed hours and you are a prepaid subscriber, your call will be dropped. However, for postpaid subscribers, the call will go through at normal rates of US$0.30 per minute. Calls made within the allowable hours but extend beyond 5:59am will still be considered under the SuperIDD service.

Read more at Globe’s website

Written by Raffy Pekson II

June 23, 2010 at 1:41 pm

U.S. State Deparment and Embassy in the Philippines Issues Travel Warning

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Logo from US State Department webiste

The Embassy of the United States in the Philippines issues a travel warning to all American citizens in or about to travel to the country. The message relays warnings of caution for the following areas:

  • Central and western portions of Mindanao including the Sulu Archipelago due to bombings and sporadic clashes between lawless groups and the Philippine Armed Forces. U.S. Government employees must seek special permission to travel to these areas;
  • Kidnap-for-ransom gangs are active throughout the Philippines;
  • The Philippine government declared a state of emergency for the provinces of Maguindanao and Sultan Kudarat, and Cotobato City as a result of election-related violence;
  • Exercise hieghtened caution in public gathering places where events may occur in relation to the May 2010 elections and June inauguration

The warning also encourages U.S. citizens in the Philippines to register with the Consular Section of the U.S Embassy in Manila through the State Department’s travel registration website or visit the Embassy office in Manila. The 24-hour telephone number in Manila is +63 (2) 301-2000.

Source: U.S. Embassy, Manila Philippines